WACOOL 3 Liter Leak Proof EVA Hydration Bladder

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WACOOL 3 Liter Leak Proof EVA Hydration Bladder

WACOOL 3 Liter Hydration Bladder Highlights:

Water Pure 3 Liter (100oz) Capacity, 100% odorless, tasteless, BPA- Free EVA material
Water Pure One of the most rigid hydration bladder on the market: 0.6mm extra thick liner is pressure-tolerant and wear-proof; double soldering sealing side technique has greatly improved durability.
Water Pure Double opening design. Most popular design for high end hydration systems which allows you to refill in any condition. High flow, auto-lock mouthpiece to prevent leaking and comes with dust cover.
Water Pure Insulated hose for better protection and help keep water cool/warm. Self-lock hose connector socket allows you to remove the hose quickly without any leaking.
Water Pure To avoid any potential leaking, the screw cap should be securely closed as tight as possible!

WACOOL 3 Liter Leak Proof EVA Hydration Bladder Description:

Hydration Bladder is 100% odorless, tasteless, and BPA- Free. Extra thick liner is pressure-tolerant and wear-proof.

Fits Most Hydration Backpacks, Molle and Tactical Vests. Use as a replacement or for adding hydration to a compatible pack. Superior Quality a favorite with military, law enforcement, hunters, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Good Performance in compression resistance and anti-burst.

Hydration Bladder is not made to hold juice, milk, soft drink, liquor, etc. Simply clean with a mild detergent and rinse the reservoir thoroughly. Make sure it is completely dry, inside and outside, before storing. Avoid contact with extreme heat/cold, harsh chemicals, UV light and sharp objects, these elements will damage the reservoir.

3-Liter EVA Bladder Specifications:

Color: Green
Material: BPA-Free EVA
Tube Size: 110 x 1cm / 43” x 0.4”
Weight: 250g

Package Includes:

  • Bladder with insulated hose and high-flow auto-locking mouthpiece
  • Service Card

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