Safe Home Starter Water Quality Test Kit

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Safe Home Starter 15 Water Quality Test Kit

Water Quality Test Kit Highlights:

Water Pure ACCURATE DETECTION of harmful contaminants. Trustworthy over 3-Million Tests Sold!!
Water Pure SAFE – EASY TO USE. Testing performance from patented technologies never before available in one test kit.
Water Pure MADE IN THE USA and developed by scientists with over 150 years of combined experience in testing drinking water.
Water Pure MULTIPLE CONTAMINANT RESULTS. 15 different contaminants tested.
Water Pure IMMEDIATE RESULTS. The very best value in accuracy and dependability for your drinking water safety in minutes.

Safe Home Water Test Kit Description:

Safe Home Starter Water test kit provides you with contaminant testing, never before available in a DIY test kit. Quickly screen any water Supply, anywhere and at any time. At home or on the go. Over 3-million water tests sold – worldwide. When you buy from Safe Home, You are purchasing the very best value in accuracy and dependability for your family drinking water safety.

Safe Home Pre-Screen Testing gives you a general look at what is in your water. Safe Home’s DIY test kits provide on-the-spot results for both indoor and outdoor drinking water sources. Whether you are at a permanent residence or bugging out, most tests take only a few minutes to complete.

15 Water Contaminants Tested:

(1 Bacteria, 6 In-Organics, 4 Physical Properties, and 4 Toxic Metals).

  1. Alkalinity
  2. Chloride
  3. Chlorine (Free)
  4. Chlorine (Total)
  5. Copper
  6. Hardness
  7. Hexavalent Chromium
  8. Iron
  9. Nitrate
  10. Nitrite
  11. pH
  12. Sulfate
  13. Total Coliform (includes E. coli)
  14. Total Dissolved Solids
  15. Zinc

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